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The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has told our MP Caroline Nokes that he is “greatly concerned” about global warming. His comment was in response to her query about the Wheelabrator Harewood incinerator proposal during Prime Ministers Questions.

Keep Test Valley Beautiful, which is campaigning against the scheme, say it is “encouraging” that Mr Johnson is linking incinerators to climate change.

Wheelabrator estimate that burning half a million tons of waste in a year will release more than 434,000 tons of global warming CO2 into the atmosphere.

During the first PMQs of the year Ms Nokes told the Prime Minister: “American company Wheelabrator has a track record of breaching environmental legislation in the USA and now seeks to build a massive incinerator in the Test Valley.”

She said:” Local residents are looking to the government because of their concerns about emissions levels and are seeking assurances from my right honourable friend the regulations on emissions from incineration will be further enhanced and greener alternatives encouraged.”

Mr. Johnson did not directly respond to the actual question but  replied: “I have seen her point with great concern.”

He said that, as the UK moves to a net zero economy by 2050: “It is vital that we tackle that kind of emissions.”

Mr Johnson reminded the house that a new Office of Environmental Protection is being set up and he will personally chair a cabinet committee devoted to the climate issue.

Keep Test Valley Beautiful spokesman Andy Jolliffe said: “On the face of it this is good news, but our battle is far from over as official Government policy remains that incinerators produce ‘clean’ energy, which of course is nonsense.”





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