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KTVB Steering Committee

April 2020

The result
As you will all know, on 20 February 2020, Wheelabrator announced they were withdrawing their plans to develop the Harewood Incinerator. This was the best possible news for us, our community and for the Test Valley itself.


Future of KTVB Steering Committee
Having achieved its aim, the committee feels there is no longer any need for us to continue. We have therefore taken the decision to disband.


Risk of future plans for development of the site
There is a risk that other proposals might be put forward for the land in the future. This has been discussed by the committee. While individual members of the committee may at some stage become part of any groups that might be set up to monitor or mitigate future risk, we do not feel that we are the right structure to take this work forward.


In round terms, £100,000 was raised. This was a tremendous effort, and we would like to thank everyone who donated. Thank you also to the many people who set up and supported fund raising events to further the cause.

Of this £100,000, we have spent around £85,000, leaving a current surplus of approximately £15,000.

Breakdown of expenditure is as follows:

Planning consultants: £32,000
Landscape consultants: £18,950
Ecology consultants: £5,500
Heritage consultants: £4,500
Hydrogeology consultants: £3,275
Air quality consultants: £2,400
Secretarial and printing: £6,670
Signs, banners etc: £5,500
Website: £1,725
Miscellaneous: £4,475

Total: £85,295

Plans for surplus: After discussion with our major donors, the committee have agreed that the surplus will be distributed to a number of different local charities and public bodies to be used for the benefit of local people, and to national anti-incineration groups. See below for schedule of donations.


Acknowledgments and Thanks
We would like to thank all our specialists for the superb work they have done on our behalf, and which was a very significant element of our success.

We would like to say a special thank you to our planning barrister Richard Glover QC who provided invaluable advice and support on a pro-bono basis.

We would also like to thank all our local councillors and MPs for their help and assistance. Particular thanks have to go to Caroline Nokes MP for her unstinting support, and her frequent parliamentary interventions on behalf of the cause

Finally, we want to thank each and every one of you who gave up your time to encourage and support, and who put pen to paper and finger to keyboard to send the 5463 letters of objection to Wheelabrator. This was a truly outstanding response.


It has been a hectic and sometimes stressful 12 months. The anxiety of what this project would have meant for us and our communities has been a constant worry. It is with a huge sigh of relief that we can say that the current threat has been defeated.

If further attempts are made to develop the site in an inappropriate fashion, we will be ready for it. We have learnt how to fight, we have built a fantastic team, and we have developed systems and strategies that have proved successful. If the worst should happen, we will be able to dust them off and fight again.

Thank you to all of you for your support.

David Wright
Chair, KTVB Steering Committee



Schedule of Donations
Andover Food Bank £4,800
Countess of Brecknock Hospice £1,800
Longparish Community Association £3,000
Barton Stacey Parish Council £1,200
Whitchurch Community Support Group £500
Laverstoke Parish Council £500
Hurstbourne Priors Parish Council £500
Overton Parish Council £500
UK Win £1250
Plume Plotter £150

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