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Press Release from David Wright, chair of KTVB Steering Committee: 


We are delighted and relieved that Wheelabrator have taken the decision to terminate their plans to build a waste to energy incinerator in the middle of the Test Valley.

KTVB has consistently argued that this is the wrong site for this project and we are delighted that our concerns have been listened to and acted on and that our campaign to stop this project has been successful. 

KTVB has had tremendous support from local residents, environmental groups, local councillors and our regional MPs. The community response objecting to this project has been phenomenal and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked so hard to make the case against this proposal and help bring events to the correct conclusion.

It is wonderful news that we can now go forward without the threat of this inappropriate and damaging project hanging over our heads. Today has been a great day not just for local residents, but for the Test Valley itself and its rare and precious ecology and habitats

You could say we are over the moon.


Read the full Press Release from Wheelabrator here

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