Incinerator public consultation “misleading” say campaigners

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Keep Test Valley Beautiful estimate approaching a thousand local people attended their five public consultation events in Andover, Whitchurch, Longparish, Barton Stacey and Sutton Scotney.

We are disappointed they did not hold similar events in Overton and Winchester. Both communities are well within the 15 km “consutation zone” imposed by the Government Inspectorate.

All bar a handful of people expressed dissatisfaction after they emerged from the events. Many felt that they were being “soft soaped” with confusing and often contradictory information.

Most promised to express their views and questions to and cc us at

Some said they would instead write to FREEPOST, Wheelabrator,Harewood  with a copy to  KTVB, Middleton Estate, Longparish, SP11 6PL

Wheelabrator provided hundred of pages of research documents, online and at various public buildings.

Our experts are compiling a detailed study of the documents which they describe as sometimes misleading, puzzling, contradictory or incomplete.

On some occasions we suspect the firm are claiming “negligible impact” on, for instance, ecologically sensitive sites when they have not even carried out the research needed to reach that conclusion.

Time after time Wheelabrator have concluded that impacts are negligible while admitting their studies are still underway. It all looks like a disgraceful attempt to mislead the public.

One specialist who is examining air quality and the environment on our behalf, says that Wheelabrator have sometimes used the wrong criteria to help with their conclusions but, even when using those criteria, it still appears that environmental laws would be broken.

The so-called non-technical summary leaves out a lot of important information, for instance there are no estimates provided for the number of vehicle movements each day.

Efforts by the company to publicise the consultation have been little more than the bare minimum required, and it appears there are still thousands of people within the 15km consultation zone who are still unaware of this last chance to ask questions of, and submit their opinion to, Wheelabrator

The firm has produced an amended design for the huge structure, which they claim is after “listening to your concerns”.  Their images now show a slightly lower structure with a curved roof, but it is still absolutely huge – as big as two Winchester Cathedrals – just buried by a few meters and now taking it perilously close to the water table.

It seems inexplicable that they have concluded that traffic pollution will be ‘insignificant’ without even providing evidence of any research.

KTVB spokesman Andy Jolliffe says: “The new images they have produced are highly misleading. In one of them the building is shown as a pale grey outline on a pale grey sky background – almost ghostly. In fact, it would probably look like an enormous alien spaceship invading our beautiful countryside. None of the pictures they have produced show the additional huge 35-meter building behind the main structure.”

KTVB have produced our own verified images from Wheelabrator (to follow).

We are urging people both inside the formal consultation area AND OUTSIDE to respond to Wheelabrator and ask questions about the plan. You can find some  suggested areas of concern here. Please copy your responses to us at



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