Meet the Wheelabrators…but you may be disappointed.

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The Wheelabrator team have been on hand at public displays in  Whitchurch, Andover, Barton Stacey and Longparish.

There is one more chance to question them face to face. It is at  Victoria Hall, Sutton Scotney this Wednesday 20 Nov between 2.30 and 6.30pm and we urge you to attend.

You will find a group of friendly, pleasant people “just doing their job”

Of course, their job is to convince you that it’s all rosy. You don’t have to worry about extra traffic….or pollution…or the damage to our health…the possible poisoning of the chalk streams….or the impact on wildlife…or even what the darn thing looks like.

They have faced some tough questions but – mostly – still manage to smile, although it must be tough going.

They are inconsistent. For instance, the number of lorry movements every 24 hours depended on who you talked to. In fact about 400 movements appears close to the truth. If  Raymond Brown’s truck movements are included the figure actually approaches six hundred. That is according to a Wheelabrator man described as a traffic expert.

Few people emerged satisfied from the consultations

We have noted  comments such as “they must think we are simple” and “they’re bull*****ing us”  and most insightfully “it’s just a box ticking exercise, they don’t really care what we think”.

Please visit the Sutton Scotney “consultation” and make up your own minds.

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