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The Test and Itchen Association has been representing the interests of the owners of these two iconic Hampshire chalkstreams for more than 100 years. Its members own between them more than 90% of the two rivers, including almost all of the Upper Test and Dever in the vicinity of the proposed Wheelabrator waste-to-energy facilty. The Association is deeply concerned about the potential environmental impact of this development to which it strongly objects.

The Association believes the development would constitute both an immediate and potential threat to the water quality of the Upper Test and Dever and the chalk aquifer on which they depend for their flows. The water demands of the plant when in operation would place extra demands on an already stressed water supply network in area of water shortage, with consequential adverse impacts on river flows.

More fundamentally, there is no requirement for an additional waste to energy facility in Hampshire. If there was, a greenfield site with no existing infrastructure would not be the place to build it. Doing so, would be an act of environmental vandalism. This ill-conceived proposal should not be allowed to progress any further.

You can read the full text of the Test and Itchen Association’s submission to the consultation process here.

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